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An Independent or Private Adoption is an often-misused term and typically applies to an adoption without the professional assistance of a licensed Child placing Agency. See the comparison chart that shows the differences between a licensed agency and Independent or Private adoption. Comparison chart right under that.
  Agency Non-agency
Unlimited counseling yes no
Approved living expenses paid yes no*
Legal and medical paid yes yes
Select adoptive family yes yes
Open adoption yes yes
Adoptive family thoroughly screened before placement of child yes no
Help working out future relationship    
  Visits, letters, pictures, etc. yes no
Adoptive parenting education yes no
Supervision of the adoption for a minimum of 6 months yes no
Birthparents rights protected yes no
*It is a third degree felony to accept any "thing of value for the possession of a child for the purpose of adoption"(Texas Family Code). This would include anything other than legal and medical expenses unless received through a licensed Child Placement Agency.

Estimates based on the national averages
Child Care $3,000-4,500 per year.
Diapers $1,600 per year.
Formula $900.00 to $1,200 per year.
Cost of raising a child to the age of 18 - $230,000.
Total average income for two working parents with a college education - $80,000 per year.
Total average income for two working parents with a high school education - $41,000 per year.
Total average income for two working parents without a high school education $25,000 per year.
Money issues are the leading cause for divorce.



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