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Adoptive Parents letters
Birth Mother/Father letters
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Dear Mills and Charlotte,

Thank you both for our “dream come true”! We are so grateful for everything you both have done for us. You are truly wonderful people, and we were so blessed to find you. Please call us if you ever need anything! We just can’t thank you enough! God bless you!

Charles, Heather and Carl


---Gosh, I love you, Charlotte. Thank you so much. You are an angel. I really believe that!

Mary Beth



The words “thank you” do not seem meaningful enough to fully capture how grateful we are to you and how you have walked through this journey with us…You are family to us. Thank you for stepping out in faith…

Our hearts – Sally and Kevin


Dear Mills and Charlotte,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your assistance, patience and support during the last 7 months. You have helped us realize the dream of becoming a family. At times, we know the process became complicated. With your experience and quick actions, we were able to get over the bump in the road and concentrate on providing the best home and care we possible could for Mason. Caroline and I have been talking a lot over the course of the last couple of days about our experience. I tried to step back and view it all from your perspective. How incredibly rewarding it must be to witness a day like the one we were a part of on Friday when the actual adoption took place. When I reflect on the night in March, I think about a tiny baby boy with a restless disposition and a horrible diaper rash. Today he is a healthy, active bundle of joy. Everyone who comes in contact with him falls in love at first sight. Please know that we greatly admire and respect what you do. Our gratitude and appreciation know no bounds.

God bless you and the work you have done for us and for all the families you have helped.

Jason, Caroline and Mason


Hi Charlotte,

Just wanted to share with you that Shirley now asks us to “tell me the story about when Miss Charlotte called”. You will always be a part of her story. And Jerry’s too, when his time comes.

Hugs, love and God’s blessings!!

Drew and Carolyn


Dear Mills and Charlotte,

We cannot thank you enough for Darrell. He is our pride and joy. Everyday is a new experience for all of us. It’s not always that you get a second chance in life, and I feel that’s what you have given us – a chance to be a family, to love each other and give each other the most that we can, and the chance to be loved back. There can be no greater feeling in life – than to look into your baby’s eyes and see them twinkle when he looks at you or the smile that completely lights up his face when he sees Mom or Dad walk into the room. This is what we thank you for – the gift of Life, of Love and fullness.

Our “Trio”
Sam, Janie and Darla


Dear Charlotte,

As an auntie, I want to say thank you for blessing my heart with my nephew, Larry. He is such a joy and I couldn’t imagine our family without him. We are praying for and along side you as you boldly lead out in God’s calling on your life.



Dear Charlotte,

Just thought I would drop you a quick line and say “Thank you” for the care and most of all the constant support you have shown me. I know you will understand when I say if it wasn’t for you listening to me at first, I might not have come out of everything as well as I have. Although it was so hard to go ahead with putting my baby up for adoption, I know I was right in doing what I did and trusting you. You should take great pride in what you do, for you do it so well.

Love ya,


Good Afternoon Mrs. Charlotte,

Wow! I can hardly believe that time has passed so quickly and Noah is now 7 months old. Time really does fly. Can’t wait to hear how his introduction to solid food is going. I can’t tell you enough how overjoyed it makes me to see how incredibly happy he is. I thank God everyday for bringing you, Chase and Janet into my very blessed life. Looking forward to seeing some new pictures.

Many thanks,


Dear Charlotte and Mills,

We’ve enclosed a report for David’s first year and some photos. We thought it would be best to do it on an annual basis, in case David’s birthmother wants to have a yearly report later. We also like keeping a record of his progress.

Thanks for helping us get David. Your agency was a pleasure to work with.

Larry and Fran

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