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Birthparent's FAQs
With AdopTexas babies are placed directly from the hospital with the adoptive family and do not have to go into foster care.
If you would like to participate in selecting the adoptive family for your child; you will be asked to consider the following:
Type of relationship with the adoptive family (open, semi-open, or closed)
Religious beliefs
Your feelings regarding a working mother
If the adoptive family has other children
Other special requests you may have regarding the type of adoptive family you prefer

You will then be given the opportunity to review family albums prepared by the adoptive families that include pictures and information about them. You will then be able to meet the family you are considering for your child; the extent of the confidentiality would depend on all parties understanding and agreement. Should you decide to place your child for adoption, our primary concern is that you will never have to worry that you have done the very best you could to ensure that your child is safe and being parented by a thoroughly investigated and loving adoptive family.


"Tomorrow marks Evan's second birthday and two years to the day that I received the telephone call from you telling us that a baby boy had been born......in Laredo......to birthparents you had never talked to or met ...... that had found you .......while at the hospital, knowing that they could not keep the baby they had just given birth to...........did you all have a family that might want this child?

As if it were yesterday, I remember you rattling off the baby's stats....birth weight, length, APGAR, etc. and the rest of the information you did have before gently telling me that while you knew it was a bit overwhelming, a decision needed to made sooner rather than later as the birthparents were ready to leave the hospital and a decision needed to be made. I remember you adding that while it was a "unique" situation, in that you typically would have contact with the birthmother or parents prior to a baby's birth, even if by a few days, allowing you to interview them, etc., that you had a "good feeling" about these birthparents.....but that it was decision only Gary and I could make and one that needed to be made soon.

After hanging up the phone with you, and while sitting in my office, in what can only be described as a state of disbelief (o.k., lets be honest, shock), I called Gary and briefed him of what I knew. I remember asking him "what should we do?". And as most good husbands do (after blitzing me with a hundred questions for which I did not have answers) he deferred to me, but lovingly reminded me that we had been praying for a child. After hanging up with him and calling my own mother, who had known my desire to be a mother for oh so long, I locked my office door and fell to my knees, asking God for His hand in this decision that would affect so many lives for years and years to come.

And so the story goes...within an hour I called you back and said "yes, yes we will take this child".

OH WHAT JOY...for what God knew was that THIS child was destined to be OURS and that everything that had taken place up to that moment had been in the making long before we knew.

As we celebrate the second year of Evan's life I am so glad that I trusted my God and did not lean on my own understanding (which is never as much as I would like to think it is). I am so grateful that Kim and Randall chose life for the child they were carrying. I am thankful that Gary and I remained obedient in our desire to be parents and am so grateful for the pure pleasure we have had raising Evan these past two years.

With that said, as we celebrate Evan's second year of life, I again want to thank you and Mills for the work you do and tell you how grateful I am to have met you. "

We love you,

Gary, Janice and Evan

"Mama, tell me again how I'm your wish come true."

"Yes, you are my wish come true."

"Why did you wish for me mama?"

"Because, I had an empty place in my heart that I wanted to fill with love for a special child like you..."

"What about the mama who grew me in her tummy? Didn't she wish for me too?"

"The mama who grew you loved you enough to make a different wish----a wish for a family who would love her little one with a total and adoring love. The kind of love I have for you said mama."

taken from the book  I Wished For You, an adoption story by Marianne Richmond

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