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Letters From
My Child's Feelings
Moral Concerns
What My Child Will Know
AdopTexas is supervised by the State of Texas and has a licensing representative; the counselor will provide you with his name and phone number.

Finding the Right Agency
Call and talk with Charlotte Duncan about your specific situation and if possible set up a face to face visit.
Talk to an AdopTexas licensing representative. Each licensed adoption agency has a licensing representative from the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services who supervises the conduct of the agency, i.e. AdopTexas. AdopTexas will provide the contact information during our visit.
Contact the Attorney General's office to check if there are any problems or pending litigation against the agency.
Is this agency able to meet my needs?
Do I feel comfortable with the people who represent the agency?
Do I like a personal approach?
Is this a sincere and honest agency?

Is AdopTexas the right agency for me?
AdopTexas is not for everyone. It is for people who want and need the personal touch and attention. We feel a close attachment with everyone we have worked with in the past and thus continue to be an extended part of our agency/family.

A Licensed Texas Adoption Agency  
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