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Adoptive parents letters
Birthmother letters
With AdopTexas all counseling is free to Birthparents considering making an adoption plan for their child.

Dear Charlotte,

Karl is everything and more than we had hoped for in a child. He is the world to us. We love him, we adore him; he is the greatest!! He’s terrific! He's very curious. He's into everything. He's #1. We love him beyond what can be said in words.
He's all boy. He's the best. He's soooo big.
He has a deep place in our hearts.
We LOVE him.
He's so smart. He's so fun to watch. He is very special to us. He's delightful…. He has brought us so much happiness.

Thank you.
Britany and Bernie
Dear Charlotte

Juliette is turning out to be a wonderful child; always happy and in love with life. She loves new experiences, and loves being out of doors all the time. She loves a game, including rhythm games with songs which she finds quite funny. It is a surprise to both Jules and I how much she has grown physically and mentally since we got her. It is difficult to imagine (unless you have had a child of your own) how complex such a little one can be. She has brought more love and happiness into our lives than anything else we've shared. We are trying to explain to two couples who have not been able to conceive in 7-10 years that adoption will change their lives. It replaces the frustration of being childless into the peace of knowing and loving a child.

Thank you
Dear Birth Mother,

At this special, blessed time of year we cannot count our blessings or be joyful without thinking of you. Jessie is a pure and beautiful gift sent to us from God through you. We cannot express the depth of love and thankfulness to you. Your unconditional love brought so much joy and happiness to us. It is hard to explain, but in a way God allowed his son Jesus to bless others, like you did for us. We hope you feel as “special” to us as Jesus is to His Father in the same way.

Sometimes we just stare at Jessie in amazement of the perfect example of God’s love that she is. We love watching her grow and develop and change. We feel so proud and are honored to be her parents. There is no greater love or joy and we have everything we dreamed of to make this Christmas extra special. We are excited to share this first Christmas with Jessie; she loves the lights and wrapping paper. Thank you from our hearts.

Sandra and Jack
Mills and Charlotte,

Easter is a special time of year. We have so much to be thankful for. Thank God - He brought you into our lives. You are in our prayers – always! Enjoy this joyous season of rebirth, renewal, forgiveness and love. Thank you for all you do for us and all the others you have helped along the way.

Ray, Connie and Danny

Thank you so much for helping us through this process to make our family complete. I enclosed some photos I think you will like. Until we meet again: "May God bless you and keep you; may God shine His face upon you and be gracious to you; may God turn his face to you and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26.

Dave, Cassie and Nick
Dear Birth Mother,

Luke and I wanted to write to you to let you know how Kate is doing. We know that you must think of her often and therefore, we wanted to share with you about her growth. As you know Kate turned two in May. She is a delightful child. She has a very outgoing and spunky personality. She is very active and loves to laugh. Her sense of humor is remarkable. She loves people and forms relationships easily with other people. She is definitely not a pushover. She can hold her own ground. At times she can be quite bold - which often surprises those who meet her because she is very petite. She loves all animals. We have dogs and a cat. Unfortunately, we have to keep her away from our cat because she is real allergic. She is fine around the dogs and has taken it upon herself to be their personal trainer.
She loves to sing and read books. She will sit with a book for 30 minutes and "read" stories to her stuffed animals. She loves to play with her big brother and his cars, trucks and Batman. She is very affectionate and hugs and kisses us all the time. She kisses her brother when she can catch him.
Right now Kate stays at home with me. When she is 3 or so she will begin to go to the Montessori preschool a few days a week. We are completely in love with Kate. Our love for her is beyond words. Our gratitude to you is always present. We hope this letter finds you healthy and happy. Please know that we are here for you if you ever need to know how Kate is doing. We would be glad to share with you any information you need.

God bless you!
Grace and Tracy
Dear Birth Mother,

I have mentally written you at least a hundred times and hearing from you made me finally sit down and write. I can't begin to express my feelings for you and what you have done for our lives. "Thank you" just doesn't seem to do justice. You are in my prayers every single day and I thank God for bringing our lives together through Margie. Through all my heartache over the past years God had the perfect plan for our lives. As devastated as you might have been when you found out you were pregnant, God had a specific purpose in mind for all of us. It is so incredible to think about.
I constantly think of you and the pain you've been through and will always carry with you and think I just have to let you know what you have done for us and make her understand you have done something so incredible for complete strangers. We are walking on clouds and will never come down. We love and cherish this precious child. You have entrusted her to the best possible parents you could ever think of. Brad is the best Daddy you have ever seen. He loves spending all his time with her and takes part in caring for her like no other man. He feeds her, bathes her, changes her and holds and plays with her for hours on end. I have always been so happy since marrying Brad but I never knew life could be this incredible. We feel so complete now.
I used to feel as if a part of my heart was missing. Now it is smiling and screaming out with joy. I have a smile on my face 24 hours a day. You have made a dream come true for us and we will always hold you dear to our hearts. Margie will always know she's adopted but when she can comprehend the meaning of it, we will tell her what a wonderful person her birthmother is. How she loved her so very much that she made sure that she had the very best life possible. It is the most selfless act of love there is.
When you are hurting, I know I can't possibly take the pain away, but please take some comfort in knowing that Margie is happy and healthy and has two parents that will love, cherish and protect her for the rest of their lives. Margie will be raised with love, security, balance, discipline and a belief in Christ her Savior and that she is a part of God's wonderful Plan.
Margie is such a happy baby almost all the time (she has her moments especially when she has a cold and we are up all night!). She laughs all day. She loves Misty (our dog). She could sit and stare and laugh at him for hours.
She is the light of our lives. Her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins adore her. You are a very special person. Please don’t ever forget that. We will continue to send you updates on how Margie is doing

Shelly and Brad
Dearest Charlotte,

Enclosed is a snapshot of Andy on his 1st month "birthday". He's just perfect is every way and Jess and I couldn't be happier. He has definitely put a whole new glow in our lives. Thanks so much, Charlotte.

Dearest Charlotte,

I am enclosing the letter to Angela's birthmother that I told you I wanted to write. Also, I just wanted you to know that we are in heaven!! Our feet haven't touched the ground yet. We are all so in love with Angela. She is such a precious, beautiful child and such a good baby. She almost never cries. It has been wonderful to "feel so-o-o good" and to just be able to relax and enjoy her. I keep pinching myself to see if this is real. Was it just last week at this time that we were still waiting, praying, and taking temperatures? I have been totally overwhelmed with God's goodness and how loving and faithful He is. Charlotte, I wonder if you can ever comprehend how much joy you bring to other peoples' lives. You have been so special to us. I appreciate your patience when I was so impatient. I know you care just as much at the other end in helping the girls and counseling with them. That is what makes you so special.

Our best to you and Mills,
Henry and Gail
Dearest Charlotte,

Happy Holidays from our home!
Alex is 20 and quite the young man. He is in his 4th year of college and has just started working in a bank as well. He is majoring in business. He had gone away to college in California but is at a local college now and living at home. It's nice to have him back at home.
We are so proud of Alex. He has always had a remarkable integrity and shows great character. He is a wonderful brother to Shawn and Allie and they really look up to him. Everyone always tells us how fortunate we are to have a great kid like him. We love him dearly and feel so blessed to have him as our son.
Every year when I write to you, I remember when you walked into the room and handed me this adorable little baby. I will never forget that moment. It seems just like yesterday. He has added so much joy to our lives.
Thank you for all you did!

Sam and Judy
Dearest Charlotte and Mills,

It's been far too long since we contacted you! We hope all is well with you all! It was great talking to you, Mills, and catching up! Can you believe it? Marcus will be 11 next month! He is such a joy! Our lives revolve around him, of course! We are active in his school activities, piano lessons, and of course, religious school! He has been found to be gifted in math in his testing and has been placed in the Gifted and Talented Program at his school. Can you believe it? He will be in middle school next year!
I don't want to close this card before I tell you both again, that you make families whole! If you ever get down and ponder quitting, just remember all the wonderful blessings you have bestowed on couples just like us, who would have missed out on the ultimate blessing - that of a child. We love you!! And wish for you all the good health, wealth and happiness we wish for ourselves!

With love,
Larry, Shirleen, Marcus
Dear Son,

When you were a little baby, your sister used to be so amazed that I knew what you wanted when you cried. She was only in second grade and used to watch me as I fed you or rocked you. I was so happy to have you in my arms that I never put you down! Well, you're too big for me to carry around anymore, but I still spend a great deal of time trying to figure out what you need and what's best for you.
I love you even more, if that's possible. I'm so proud of the fine, young, man you're turning into. You're honest and tell the truth even when it's hard-like at school with your teachers. You've been really brave-like with these medical problems that have come up in the last few months or like the time when you skid down the street on your knees after falling off your skateboard. You make good choice even if it is schoolwork, chore, and commitments to your friends you try hard to be nice to everyone even because you put people first which is how it should be.
I could go on and on about how wonderful you are, but I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I love you-I love who you are and how you're living your life. I'm proud of you! I wish I could still carry you around in my arms and kiss the top of your head all day long but I guess I have to settle for a goodnight kiss. How lucky I am to have you for a son! All of heaven smiled the day you were born and I smile every time I think of you.
You're a fine, young man and a good son.

I love you.
Dear Charlotte,

Brenda was baptized on April 11. It was a very special day for all of us. Her eyes are still very green, her hair is a beautiful auburn and her skin is like beautiful porcelain. Although all we ever wanted was a healthy baby, I think we are going to have a very pretty child. We continue to think about her biological parents and hope they find solace in the fact that Brenda is thriving physically and mentally and is receiving abundant love.

Dear Charlotte,

I enjoyed talking to you on the phone last month.
As you can see from the enclosed photos, Monty has developed into quite a handsome young man. He continues to bring such joy into our lives! He is quite a talented boy. He plays all sports, but his true love is baseball. Murray has been coaching his teams for 4 years now and plans on coaching him again this spring.
Monty is a star pupil at school. In fact, he is now preparing for a spelling bee where he will represent his school’s 4th grade. Monty also is a very good pianist, although I must be honest and say that he’s not too crazy about practicing.
Even though Monty has so many talents, his greatest asset is his personality. Everybody loves him and everyone wants to be his friend. He is the kindest, most compassionate person we have ever met in our lives. Murray and I talk about this daily and are just astounded at the amount of love he has to offer. He makes us so proud.
We have decided to go ahead with another adoption this year and are working toward that.
We will be ever grateful to you, Charlotte, for all you did for us. We often ask ourselves what we did to deserve such a special child as Monty.

We feel really blessed!,
Carol, Murray, Monty and Ben
Dear Birth Mom,

I am at a loss for words to express to you the gratitude we have for the decision you made in releasing this child for adoption. Since I lost three babies myself, I know that deep agony and sense of loss. What a painful decision it must have been and how we love you for caring for her so much to make such a loving, unselfish decision!
We loved her before we even saw her. She is an answer to a million prayers. Our hearts have just been bursting with joy since she arrived.
She is such a healthy, peaceful child, and we thank you for giving her that gift - not just for bringing her to life, but blessing her with such health through your good pre-natal care.
I ache for you to know that I pray for you daily that God will give you His peace and healing, that He will fill you with His love, and that one day He will bless you with a loving husband and healthy children.
You have changed our lives because of your precious caring and unselfish love. Please know that we will surround her with love that we will be the best parents we can be, and that we will raise her to be a strong Christian.

God bless you.
Dear Birth Mother,

I wanted to let you know that we think of you often and have had opportunities to tell Donny about you. Donny has a new baby brother. He was so happy he cried. He really wanted a little brother. This new adoption gave us the chance to tell him a little more about his own adoption story. He thought it was so “cool” that you gave him the little rabbit dishes and outfit. We have told him about you and that you loved him very much and that your decision was very difficult. Yet, we let him know that you made a plan for his life and because of your love for him you made the decision that was best for him. He seems to be fine with all of this and we are very open with him. Having 2 other siblings that are also adopted seems to help and make him know this is what’s great about our family.
Donny is amazing! He is very sweet, tenderhearted and sincere. His friends love him! He takes martial arts and wants to work on getting his black belt. He also takes guitar lessons. He excels at his schoolwork and is ahead of other children his age. Oh, we are so proud of him. Best of all, he loves the Lord. What a great guy. We hope you are well. We love to hear from you and will pass on to Donny how you are doing. We are eternally grateful to you!

Adrianna and Kevin
Dear Birth Mother,

We wanted to write you just in case you have been wondering how Justine is doing. Justine, as you know, is 4 ˝ years old. She is a great joy. She has the most outgoing, extroverted, humorous personality. She loves people and people love her. It seems a friend wants her to come over each week. She loves books and imaginary play. She talks constantly and loves to sing.
She has a new baby brother that we adopted in the spring. She is totally in love with this baby. She is so sweet and affectionate with him. She constantly says, “I love this baby. I’m so glad he is my baby brother.”
Justine loves gymnastics! She is incredibly coordinated and very strong. Her coach thinks she will really be great at this sport. She also just started violin lessons. She absolutely loves it.
We are always grateful to you and Rollin for allowing us to parent Justine. She is a true joy and we love her more than words can express!! We hope you are well. Please let us hear from you so we can let Justine know how you are.

God bless you!
Jill and Howard
Dear Charlotte,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get this letter off to you so that you can pass it on to Paula. Every week that passes seems to be crazier than the last. Also, I have built this up to be a bigger task than it has to be.
But how in the world do I put into mere words how our Karlie is doing and what her life is like. I could fill a book with the things that I want to say about her and our lives together as a family.
The fact that Paula and God entrusted this wonderful child to us for her upbringing is a thought that I am overwhelmed with on a daily basis. I am in awe of how God has blessed our lives with the desires of our heart - two precious girls.
The one thing that I'm not sure Paula will ever understand is the magnitude of the gift that she gave Karlie in the man that is her daddy. Daniel is every little girl's dream of what a father should be. Karlie has a daddy who is involved with her in everything she does. They went to Father/Daughter dances when she was in Brownie/Girl Scouts and they were in the YMCA's Indian Princess K through 3rd grade. They went on weekend campouts, monthly meetings, and special events. Now that she is older he helps coach a basketball team she is on, helps her with her homework and stays involved with every aspect of her life.
I could go on and on about how wonderful she is, but I guess I will close with one thought. She is proud of the fact that she is adopted. She knows that her birthmother loved her so much that she made this decision to give her the best life possible. I think of Paula on each of Karlie's birthdays and always know in my heart that she is thinking of us. Just know that Karlie lives in a house full of love and laughs, and we will cherish her for each and every one of our days on this earth.

Charlotte and Mills,

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and an hope."

Thank you for making our family complete with Missy.
Charlotte, you are a blessing to so many and have a true gift for caring and your adoption ministry!
You are a great team!
We mention you and your family in our nightly prayers!

Much love in 'Him',
Jerry, Margo and Missy
Dear Charlotte, Mills and family,

Once again as always and especially this time of year - we thank God and you for bringing these children to our lives. We are so blessed and happy! They are our Joy and Life! We think of you always and hope this holiday finds you and your family happy and healthy!

Chris, Julie, Tony and Marcie
Dear Charlotte and Mills,

Greetings! We hope you are both doing well—it really is hard to believe that another year has passed and that Cassandra is now 3 and Oliver will be 8! It does go so fast. Please find the enclosed letter and pictures for Steve and Joanie. We often wonder if you hear from them and how they are doing.
We are keeping busier than ever between the kids, activities and running the businesses.
Oliver actually started all day 1st grade this year. I was sad – the day seems so long! He continues to do gymnastics, baseball, basketball and he and Mark are going to try scouts this year!
We thank God every day for these children and you for bringing them into our lives! Please stay healthy and happy, and once again please let us know if we can ever help you in anyway!

Mark, Louise, Oliver and Cassandra
Merry Christmas, Charlotte and Mills,

We’ve enclosed pictures of Stephanie - now 3. We forgot to send them in Oct for her birthday so we're enclosing them with your Christmas card. Everything is going great. We are so happy to have her. She is beautiful, funny and a very happy child. We love her more than life and still cannot thank you both enough.
Hope this finds you well and hope your holidays are wonderful.

God bless you,
David, Renee' and Stephanie

I enclose a picture of just the cutest girl. She is a wonderful "willful", little thing – and is a great blessing in my life. I'm very sorry to hear about Belinda's son. I pray he is fine. If you want to pass this picture on to Molly that is fine – but know I'm very against any contact at this time.
Have a very wonderful New Year. We love you and can't thank you enough for the gifts you gave us.


I enclosed some recent pictures that you may need to pass along. Everything is wonderful. Lauren is talking, running and having a great summer. She loves the water. I hope all is well with you all. We love you and thank you in our hearts every day for our family.

The Franklins
Charlotte and Mills,

One year has gone by. It seems only yesterday! Gregory continues to fill our lives with joy! I keep in touch with Libby and her mum. She is doing great. We think of you often and the way you made our dreams come true!

Kimberly, Matthew and Gregory
Dear Charlotte and Mills,

There are just no words to say how much we love you and how thankful we are to you for bringing Pamela into our lives. You truly do God's work. Our family is now complete.

All our love,
Randy, Joyce, Cindy and Pamela
Dear Charlotte and Mills,

We are incredibly blessed in our family – Darren is the love of our life. Thank you for your part in bringing him into our family. We send loving Christmas wishes to you and your family.

Naomi, James and Darren
Dear Charlotte,

Happy Mother’s Day! Constance is 8 years old (almost 9) and continues to be the joy of our lives! Thank you for giving me Mother’s Day!

Dear Charlotte and Mills,

We cannot believe our baby is turning five tomorrow. We just had his big birthday party and he had a wonderful time. His teachers report that he is doing great in school and is the sweetest in the class. We are so proud of him! He is progressing in reading and loves to work on the computer. He is just a normal boy – loves to play kickball, soccer, golf and baseball. He is our jewel – we all love him so much. He brings us such joy and happiness and we can't believe we have had our precious boy for five years. We love him with all our heart and we will always be grateful and thankful for our precious gift of Jordan.
With love,

Dan and Barb
Dear Charlotte and Mills,

I am sending the pictures of Jordan as he is turning 3 next week. He is such a joy! He enjoys playing outside, being with friends, reading books, going to the zoo and the mall. He is an all around, wonderful, fun child. He loves to talk although his new favorite words are “stop it” and “no” but I’m sure this stage will pass soon. He has his moments but he is a normal, healthy, little boy with a very sweet spirit. He is our joy and we can’t believe he is already 3. Everyday is wonderful with Jordan in our lives!

Dan & Barb
Dear Charlotte & Mills,

What a wonderful year we’ve had! We just celebrated Samuel’s 1st birthday. He is a remarkable, little person – and all is well with him. He’s done beautifully with all the therapies and is now “on target” and totally healthy and happy. We hold you and Samuel’s birth family in our prayers with thanks.

Dearest Duncans,

Please excuse my tardiness in sending pictures for Frankie’s 3rd birthday. He had an asthma flare that hospitalized him for 5 days – but he is doing very well now and is being managed carefully and closely. He continues to be an incredible, joyous blessing and is breathtakingly beautiful inside and out.
We thank you as always for what you have done for our family.
God may please shine on you always.

Susie, Aaron and Frankie
"Charlotte, congratulations on your many years of dedication to AICS. Your work has changed many lives and has saved many lives. We are all very grateful for you and the work you do. :)"

Charlotte, thank you so much for your great work. The whole experience has turned out better than we ever dreamed and you made it possible.

David and Karen
Charlotte, thank you for everything. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. Please keep us in mind if you ever need a reference.

Daniel and Sarah
Hi Charlotte,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mills!

Attached is a photo of Madison from today (with a pilgrim hat sticker on her nose). She is so big and adding new words to her vocabulary every day. She's extremely social, enjoys exploring, has fun looking at books and loves animals so much. She is quite the ham.

We are so thankful for you -- every day -- for introducing precious Madison into our lives.

Allie and Brian
Charlotte, Just wanted to share with you. You made this all possible and hopefully, our joy shows through the pics.

Love, leslie

Charlotte, Wanted to wish you, Mills and your family a Happy New Year! We had a wonderful Christmas spent in Houston with family and returned home in time to ring in 2014. Adam continues to bring us more joy than we ever imagined and we are just having so much fun raising him and seeing him become a little boy after God's own heart!

You all are never far from our thoughts.

Hoping 2014 brings you both good health, peace and joy.....love to you both!!!!

Blessings always,
Gary, Janice and Adam

Hi Charlotte
Jacob turned three today. We have never been more blessed. He is so happy and beautiful and full of life.

Thank you. Just thank you.
Dear Mills & Charlotte,
Thank you for all that you have done towards making my family a reality. Samuel & Abbie are wonderful children and they have fulfilled my life beyond measure. You have a special calling.
Many thanks, kind regards,

Charlotte, Attached is a picture of Randy when we were at the zoo in San Diego. He loves the zoo -- actually he loves just about anything. Randy is a wonderful little boy and always a joy! We thank God every day for him.

Hope you are doing well! We appreciate you and what you did for our family!

Robert & Beverly


On Monday, March 1, 2010, at 11:05 a.m. my world changed.

While at that precise moment I was not aware of the joy I was about to experience, within a couple of hours the news arrived. A perfect baby boy had been born...and he was ours!!!

That date will forever be remembered as the day that I fully realized in all His grace and mercy, how much God loved me and would do as He promised, in His time, if I remained obedient. For THIS child, born on THIS day, at THIS hour, was no mistake. He was wanted and loved from the moment he took his first breath, and will be loved until the moment he takes his last.

THIS child, born to two young parents, who likely at the time of discovering they were pregnant, were scared, confused, and feeling alone, had no idea of the joy they would bring by choosing life for their unborn child. These two young parents who could have made the decision to terminate their pregnancy, but chose not to, likely had no idea of what that courageous decision (and the many more courageous decisions they would make along the way) would do for one couple who so desperately wanted a child. Their courage and maturity led to my life changing event on that Monday, March 1, 2010, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

On Saturday, March 1, 2014, this precious child of God will turn four! While I know I have likely made my share of mistakes as a mother/parent, I know this for sure: Andy could not be loved more. And I know any shortcomings his father and I have as imperfect parents is overcome by our unyielding love for him and the knowledge he is filled with daily through our actions and our words, that he was wanted from the moment he took his first breath.

He is my greatest joy, and not a day goes by that I don't look at him and melt. Thank you Charlotte and Mills for all you have done for us and the countless other birthmothers/parents who make that courageous decision of LIFE for their unborn babies.

We love you,
Jonathan, Kerry and Andy


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